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People Watching Style - Special Ordinary Days

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I was waiting in a long line at Home Depot on a cold and wet spring morning. Depending on your mindset, long lines don’t have to be a bad thing; especially if you like to people watch :) At the front of the line was the reason for the holdup: a woman with about 10 gallons of paint. Most people that morning were covered up in rain gear, but not this lady. I’m not sure how she managed not to be soaking wet. I was struck by what she was wearing: a cheery red floral shirt over a black tank top and jeans. It was bright and happy on that dreary morning. It was also such a sweet sight to see how she interacted with her middle school-aged daughter. Her manner was so loving and patient. They seemed to be having a special outing together even though it was in an ordinary place like Home Depot. Watching them, I almost forgot that I was there waiting to have my can of paint shaken up.

As I got myself dressed earlier that morning, I wasn’t thinking about how beautifully I could put myself together. I was dressing for the weather, and my gear was nothing special. Ok, maybe my feet. I was wearing my leopard flats (they do put a smile on my face whenever I wear them!) but they were absolutely soaked by the time I made it into the store. Her shoes? Sandals with sparkles. This woman didn’t seem to care that it was raining out. It was cold and wet but she was dressed (and acted) as though she was celebrating a day going to Home Depot for paint. She left such an impression on me that I couldn’t help but think how one day her daughter will remember how her mom dressed and acted as though the ordinary days spent with her were something special. That’s the impression I want to leave with my loved ones.

Lately, I’ve been reaching for those florals in my closet and digging out some sparkly sandals. With such a busy print stealing the scene, accessories can be kept to a minimum. It’s an easy peasy way to get dressed. I don’t like a lot of things going on in my outfits, so if I wear shoes with rhinestones, I let the shoes be the focus and keep the rest of the outfit toned down. However you do it, it’s fun to look down at girly, sparkly feet.

Since that morning at Home Depot, I’ve been noticing how other women have some fun dressing on a rainy day. Earlier this week, a polka dotted trench coat caught my eye, as well as one in a gorgeous shade of purple. And if you can pull it off, I saw someone with a fun umbrella that was literally raining with cats and dogs! Inspired by the woman I saw that rainy morning, I've had fun thinking about how to add some cheer into my style. More than that, I want to have the mindset that sees something special in an ordinary day. That only seems to happen when my heart is thankful and aware that it’s a gift to wake up in the morning. Having that attitude will not only influence what we reach in our closets to put on, but also how we treat who’s with us in the paint line.

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