Fall 2021


Hi, I’m Jen. Welcome!

I’ve been reading style blogs for a while and have appreciated all of the help these professionals provide for people like me. I also just love talking to my best friend about what she’s thinking about style and how she’s making it work for her busy life. We’ll send pictures to each other when we need another opinion about our outfits or when we're trying to figure out a purchase. We’ll also send blog recommendations, or something that's gotten our attention from Pinterest or Instagram. That’s what I’m hoping you’ll find here, someone who is like you in that she’s just trying to figure out what style means in her life. For me, a big part of that is learning how to dress from the inside out: figuring out how to represent on the outside a bit of who I am on the inside. I hope that what you find here will be an encouragement as you figure out for yourself how to make sense out of style. ❤️